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Universal Board Computer

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      Universal module on-board computer is designed for vehicles with petrol engines, which are not factory installed on-board computer and install the original on-board computer is technically unfeasible or costly. The module displays all the information on the economics of operating a vehicle with other nice additional features. Information is displayed on the two-line display in the English language, to adapt to a particular vehicle is available for extensive service menu.

Functions Bord Computer:
- Instant consumption (l/hr. or l/100km)
- Average consumption (l/100km)
- Fuel consumed
- Average speed
- Distance traveled
- Range
- Stopwatch
- Vehicle speed
- Car Battery Voltage Display
- The amount of fuel in the tank
- Measurement of internal temperature
- Taximeter
- Check the car battery charging
- Output relay daily light
- Operation manual air conditioning

Service menu allows the following settings
- Set the tire sizes
- Set the pulses per wheel revolution
- Set the pulses per 1km
- Set input metering
- Set the custom menu
- Set the size of the fuel tank
- Fuel Tank Calibration
- Calibration of measuring the distance
- Correction consumption
- Setting up additional features

Control Module / Views
      On-board computer control module is solved by two buttons (Set and Reset). Selection functions are pressing the SET statement parameter or RESet button to reset. To display data on the screen are two lines of 16 characters long. In the settings you can choose two ways to display data. The first method shows the selected parameter on the whole line (top line parameter name parameter value to the bottom line). The second method uses only the first row of ten characters, and the remaining six characters at the ends of lines used to display selected parameters can be selected in the service menu. This second option will use when we want to have the display shows multiple parameters at once.

Installation of the Bord Computer
      Module on-board computer is designed so that the installation was very simple. The basic circuit is necessary to connect two wires for power (bases and permanent 12V) tachometer signal wire, wire in the fuel tank, the driver with information on fuel consumption and three wires to control the on-board computer. Power supply module, the signal wire of the speedometer and the fuel can be found on the wiring harness under the dashboard, the driver for information on consumption is connected to one of the injection valves, cables to connect the control module of their choice, either directly to the control lever to the type of vehicle, or an externally placed keys.

      For proper function of the module on-board computer is important to correctly set the distance measurement, metering and measuring the fuel tank. To measure the distance covered in the module can be set directly on the number of pulses 1km to measure it out using the module. Or if we know the number of pulses per wheel revolution, so we enter that number and set the right tire size. For proper measurement of the calibration is carried out after running off one or two tanks of fuel and the value of the correction constant thereafter in the service menu. Measurement of the reservoir is different depending on the type of vehicle, so for this purpose in the service menu calibration seqence is to adapt the module to the onboard computer almost any vehicle.

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