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Onboard Computer Opel

      Module on-board computer is designed to supplement the of Opel vehicles, which are only equipped with a display type of TID (Triple Information Display) which is intended only to show the date, time, external temperature data from the radio. The information is displayed on the bottom line, which is designed to display the date and data from the radio. Control is the same as the original on-board computer, it's two buttons on the right steering lever.

      Installing the module is a suitable alternative to the display type of the MID (Multi Information Display), which are all equipped some vehicles Opel series. Currently, this type was already looking difficult, and if it succeeds, it is very likely that the display will be affected by the hair of some columns in the matrix display, which is caused by inappropriate displays the structure of the PCB. Implementation of on-board computer module is currently in addition enable the use of new technologies and electronic components, which resulted in improved measurement accuracy. Elimination are also secondary costs associated with the need of programming MID, since the module is equipped with a service menu that allows owners to easily accommodate the specific vehicle.

Trip computer: Functions

Standart Functions:
Show radio data / date
- Instant consumption (l/hr. or l/100km)
- Average consumption (l/100km)
- Fuel consumed
- Average speed
- Distance traveled
- Range
- Stopwatch

Additional Functions:
- Vehicle speed
- Engine speed
- Car Battery Voltage Display
- The amount of fuel in the tank
- Taximeter
- Immobilizer
- Measurement of internal temperature
- Check the car battery charging
- Output relay daily light
- Operation manual air conditioning

      In the service menu you can define your own custom menu and then you switch between viewing all or only specified functions. Module on-board computer is also equipped with an immobilizer, which requires inserting the key into the ignition insert PIN (1-4 digits). Immobilizer can be disabled in the service menu and setting the blocking mode (NO or NC). In addition, the module is equipped with a control car battery charging with a range from 12.5 to 15.5V. If the voltage is outside this range, the user is informed of the warning sign on the display. Relay output of daily light is activated when starting the engine and the engine shut off. Automatic air conditioning control measures internal temperature of the vehicle and according to set value of air conditioning on and off.

Service menu allows the following settings :
- Change the PIN (Administrator/User)
- Immobilizer
- Set the tire size
- Set the tachometer pulses at one kilometer
- Select the type of engine
- Definition of user menu
- Size of tank
- Correction consumption

      Used PINs are two administrator can unlock the vehicle and enter the service menu. User only unlock the vehicle. Immobilizer can be completely off the menu and after inserting the key into the ignition parameters are immediately displayed PP. Switching the mode of immobilizer PIN relay and it is closed to remove the key from the ignition. The use is appropriate in the case of blocking as the starter. Break mode when the relay opens when the engine is started and has not been previously entered PIN. Using this mode is useful if for example, blocking the fuel pump. When you remove the ignition key is still possible to start within one minute without entering a PIN. Set tire size is necessary for correct calculation of distance traveled, speed and power the vehicle. If we ask you the same as the counter km in a vehicle can be set directly by the number of pulses at 1000 meters. The number of pulses at 1000 meters of the vehicle holding the reset button to find out mileage on the dashboard of the vehicle. This setting, however, is usually loaded with an error around 2% according to the size of the tires as the vehicle onboard device does not measure the exact distance traveled. Choose the type of engine is needed to set the correct measurement of fuel consumed (pulses from the engine control unit). The definition of the user menu you can choose what information is required on the display. Not everyone must interest everyone, so everyone can choose your own.

Instalace PP
      Module on-board computer was designed so that the installation was very simple and consists of removing the connector from the display (TID), insert the module into the display and the main connector to the module. For other signals, which are not on the wiring harness to tidu is available on-board computer module connector further. These are:

- Output from engine control unit
- Engine speed (instrument)
- The amount of fuel in the tank (instrument)
- Set and Reset buttons (control)

      Since the TID display design in various different vehicles are available three types of modules on-board computers. These are functionally identical, but differ in the mechanical structure due to different sequence of pin connectors, and installation options. Description of installation and description of the access points can be downloaded in the download section. There is a description of the installation is described primarily for Astra G, but applies to virtually all Opel vehicles.

Type 1: Vehicles Astra G, Frontera A
Type 2: Vehicles Astra F, Tigra A, Corsa B
Type 3: Vehicles Zafira A, Vectra B

Supported motors:
- X12XE, X14XE, X16XEL
- X16SZR
- X17DTL, X20DTL
- X18XE, X18XE1, X20XEV
- Z18XE, Z18XEL
- Y20DTL, Y20DTH
- Y22SE, Z22SE
- Y17DT
- Z20LET
- Z16SE
- Z14XE, Z16XE
- Z17DT, Z17DTL
- Y22DTR
- Z16XEP

      Most control units, motor vehicles, the Opel has a special output information on consumption, which module uses the onboard computer. Vehicles that do not have this output (Tigra A, Corsa B, Astra G engine Z14XEP) is required for the measurement of the optical link equipped for connection to one of the injection valves. It's simple, fast and safe alternative for making the metering.