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MID Astra G & Frontera

      This model is a full board computer displays replace the original MID vehicles Astra G and Frontera. BC has a large screen display for an extended temperature range, 4 lines of display options on a 20 digit and optimally fills in the central area console of the vehicle. Like the standard MID provides all measurement and control functions with other nice additional features. Due to the display options screen can be be displayed on the display more parameters at once and , at its option settings service menu. There is a choice of 21 language versions. BC accepts RDS information from radio standard Opel, in the service menu can be optionally set what all is on the radio display (Symbols, RDS). For those who do not have the original radio here a place to set up and RDS display any measuring function of your BC choice.

Presentation function

Measuring function Onboard Computer:
- Instant Consumption (l/h., L/100km)
- Average consumption (2 independent measurements)
- Average speed (2 independent measurements)
- Consumed fuel (2 independent measurements)
- Distance traveled (2 independent measurements)
- Range (optional method of measurement)
- Stopwatch
- Vehicle speed
- Engine speed
- View car battery voltage
- The amount of fuel in the tank
- Measurement of outdoor temperature
- Measurement of internal temperature (with optional sensor)
- Taximeter
- Clock

The control function Onboard Computer:
- Check car battery charging
- The oil level (with ext. Sensor)
- The level of coolant (with ext. Sensor)
- The level of liquid in the spray (with ext. Sensor)
- Check the motor overheating
- Brake wear plates (with ext. Sensor)
- Power supply for brake lights
- Check the brake switch
- Reports of ice on the road
- Check the brake lights (with Check Control)
- Headlight control (with Check Control)

Others function Onboard Computer:
- Output for daytime running lights (with ext. Relay)
- Immobilizer (with ext. Relay)
- Control man. air conditioning (with ext. relays and sens. internal temperature)

Servis function Onboard Computer:
- Choose the language (Czech, English + three more choice )
- Set Units (SI - Europe, Great Britain, US, Japan)
- Change security codes
- Setting the immobilizer
- Adjust the size of tires
- Set the number of pulses per one kilomet
- Set the type of engine (ECU)
- Correction of consumption
- Size of tank
- Display function radio
- Optional display function
- Control function
- Setting the clock
- Adjust the brightness of the screen (regardless of day/night)
- Customize the initial inscription
- Reset (load original settings)

Language version:
- Czech
- Slovak
- English
- Polish
- Hungary
- French
- Germany
- Spanish
- Dutch
- Portugal
- Turkish
- Finnish
- Brazil Portugal
- Swedish
- Croatian
- Italian
- Lithuanian
- Romanian
- Estonian
- Slovenian
- Latvian

Install On-board computer:
      Board computer was again designed so that its installation is more than easy. The board PCB is both 32-pin connector as the original MID and 12-pin connector as the original TID. In case of replacement for the original MID is not necessary to install no additional wiring is performed only change the board computer. In case of replacement for the original TID is added only to the wires that the volume of tidu not. Down in the bar there is a description of the installation, wiring connector, and instructions for setup and control BC.
Available are the following variants of the backlight:

- Black/Amber (color Opel, dark background/amber letters)
- Black/White (dark background/white letters)
- Black/Red (dark background/red letters)
- Black/Green (dark background/green letters)
- Black/Blue (dark background/blue letters)
- Blue/White (blue background/white letters)
- Green/Black (green background/black letters)

      Used displays are designed for extended temperature range. Display of amber is for those who wish to preserve the original appearance of the interior lighting. For those who have decided to change the backlight color of the interior is a selection of other colors. All displays are great characters and optimally fill the space in the center console of the vehicle.